Announcement - Hilti Fire Stop Seminar, Feb 24th

Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that I've managed to arrange a seminar from Hilti Canada covering fire stops and best practices.

The session will be held at the Comox room at the Westerly Hotel on Feb 24th 2016, from 12:00 to 3:00. Lunch is included. Please RSVP by email to me at Space is limited, first come first serve.

The primary audience of the session is design professionals responsible for specification or field review of fire stops, but we will also be inviting some folks from Defense Construction Canada, BSCA, and a few contractors.

Session details:

Hilti Canada is presenting:

Life Safety and Property Protection through Firestopping

Who am I?  My name is Doug King.  I am part of the field engineering team here in BC.  I have 30 years’ experience with Hilti; 10 of them in life safety and firestopping.  Owners, designers, inspectors, and contractors have relied on Hilti’s finished firestop solutions to provide safe applications to protect life and property from heat, smoke, water, and noise.  Please joint us for two hours to learn more how these solutions can be incorporated into your current designs and projects, and be installed in an economical, and efficient manner.

 During our discussions, we will look at building code excerpts concerning firestopping, gain an understanding of what actually is firestopping, what are the technical requirements for it, and how it can be installed efficiently.  At the end of the talks, you should understand the following…

Firestop Systems versus just Firestop Product

You will understand the importance of using a tested, listed system which incorporates good firestopping products. And more than just stopping fire and smoke, you will understand properly selected systems can also be easily re-penetrated, quickly installed, and meet the economic needs of the owner.

Great Design Documents help prevent Site Pitfalls

You will recognize how specifications and drawings can be used to effectively communicate your life safety needs for the project. The use of firestop system schedules, more defined firestopping specifications, and the demand for pre-construction meetings to coordinate all trades in firestopping will alleviate many potential problems.

Field Review of Installed Firestop Systems

You will start to interpret system requirements and recognize them in installed systems in the field. Along with the trained installers and approved, listed firestop systems you have specified, you should seek the required support in the field to make efficient, accurate reviews for your Letters of Assurance.